Things To Do

Try The Key Lime Pie.

It is different in the Keys. True Key Lime pie is yellow, without even a hint of green, and the graham-cracker crust is a must. Every restaurant will sel it, but specialty stores in Key West like Kermit's, Key Lime Pie Company, or Key Lime Pie Bakery, will sell these very famous pies by the slice or by the pie.

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Go Snorkeling or Diving Nearby at Looe Key

Anywhere. I mean it you can snorkel pretty much anywhere in the ocean, which means you can find a place to go with young children. Near us is Looe Key Dive Shop, which offers 40-minute trips to protected Looe Key to snorkel or dive. In Key West I recommend Lost Reef Adventures for diving, where my friend Dave is sometimes your divemaster.

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The Lower Keys are home to an extensive circuit of mangrove canals teeming with nature and wildlife. A relaxing kayak or paddleboard adventure sells itself as one of the most intimate ways to explore this natural oasis. The mangrove jungles provide a haven for many creatures like sea turtles, mangrove snappers, and birds. You won't find these in our bay, but the normally calm waters here do offer other interesting sights and adventures. If you feel like a longer trip, kayak over to the south end of our bay, where you will find a path through the mangroves that connects to Sugarloaf Key. The currents in this channel can get strong and are either with you or against you depending on tides. Trying to paddle against the stronger tides at their peak can be too challenging for some in this channel. It is also navigated by boaters until you reach a side channel, so be careful.

John Pennycamp State Park in Key Largo

John Pennycamp State Park is an offshore sanctuary covering a lot of ocean area and serves a tremendous protective purpose. You will see historical monuments, sandbars, islands, many varied coral reefs, and thousands of species of marine animals. Boats can be rented or chartered, and with the onshore displays, there’s no shortage of activities for visitors to experience all that this ecosystem has to offer! The Sanctuary is about 85 miles north, so about a 1.75-hour drive.

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Go Boating

Cudjoe Gardens Marina is our closest boat rental and full-service marina with gas and a ramp to launch your own boat or JetSki. It is located 1/2 mile south of us on the western side of the same Cudjoe Bay where we are. I can also recommend other companies if CGM has no boats to rent.

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